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Wheat Flour (Atta)

Wheat is produced organically by famers groups in Aurangabad, Jalna District and Hingoli Districts in Maharashtra. The process of making the wheat flour involves the Whole Organic wheat being ground after cleaning and grading in traditional milling processes. This ensures the finest Atta with wholesome nutrition, rich aroma and perfect taste.

Plain organic rice

Produced organically by famers groups in various districts of Maharashtra State, the Paddy is brought from organic farms and cleaned and graded and milled in the most stringent and clean methodologies. The end product is free of any additives and makes for the finest, tastiest and not to mention healthiest white rice.

Brown Rice (Hand Pound)

Rice produced organically by famers groups in Biloli, Bhandara, Chandrapur and Gadchorili Districts of Maharashtra State. The Paddy is cleaned and graded and milled using traditional methods and contains the rice germ and outer bran layers which important for healthy bodily functions. All of this is delivered without compromising the taste of the rice.

Organic Tur Dhal

Pigeon Peas are produced organically by farmers groups in central India. The dal grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides is processed using traditional milling processes.No polishing or use of any preservatives is allowed. The resultant dhal is wholesome healthy and absolutely tasty.

Light Brown Sugar

Light Brown Sugar is processed and packed without any harmful additives and preservatives. The sugarcane crop is organically grown by farmers who monitored and harvest using both modern and time tested processes. The wholesome and nutritious sugar is soft and fine grained and suitable for all your sweetening requirements on a daily basis

Organic Tea

Handpicked from Organic tea estates, the tea is processed and packed without any additives or preservatives. The closely monitored process ensures that only the best leaves are finally processed and packed ensuring a refreshing brew with a heady flavour and the rich aromas of mountain freshness.

Chilli Powder

Organically grown native varieties of red chillies handpicked from pristine farms and sun dried. They are ground and blended without any synthetic chemical additives to give the right pungency taste and colour for our health conscious consumers.

Turmeric powder

Organically grown Salem variety of turmeric is produces under great care at pristine farms. It is then boiled and sundried using traditional methods and then ground without any synthetic additives for enhance colour. The resulting powder is perfect in colour, taste and aroma.

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